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never stop dreaming

Unbound Dreams

A determined 10-year-old girl aspires to be an actress, but a debilitating stutter stands in her way. With her father's unwavering support amidst conflicts with the girl’s mother, she embarks on a journey to conquer her fears.

Genre: Drama

Shooting Locations: St.George, Utah, USA

Director: Christopher Schlierf

Cast: Ben Blaskovic Fiorella Victoria, Claudia Graf, Yasemin Delikan, Heather Braden

Producer: Ben Blaskovic, Christopher Schlierf, Heather Braden

Screenplay: Ben Blaskovic


Production company: a victus film production USA & victus films & commercials

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Vicky, a shy and imaginative young girl, harbors an unwavering dream of becoming an actress. However, speaking in front of others proves to be a tremendous challenge for her. Vicky’s world takes a drastic turn when she is pushed on the schoolyard and hits her head, causing her to develop a stutter. Undeterred by this setback, Vicky’s father, a rugged farmer Cowboy living separately from Vicky’s mother, wholeheartedly believes in his daughter’s potential and encourages her to pursue her dreams despite the ridicule from other children.

While Vicky’s father embraces an empowering philosophy of confronting one's fears, Vicky’s mother seeks to shield her from shame, holding a contrasting viewpoint. As the story unfolds, Vicky navigates through her struggles, fueled by her father's unwavering support. Along her journey, she discovers hidden depths of courage within herself, ultimately leading to a transformation that affects the lives of everyone involved.


In the end, each character finds a precious treasure within themselves, encapsulating the essence of their personal growth. Through Vicky’s unwavering determination, her father's steadfast belief, and her mother's evolving perspective, "Unbound Dreams" reveals the profound impact of pursuing one's passions and embracing the challenges that come with them.

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Ben Blaskovic
plays Herb

Fiorella Victoria
plays Vicky

Claudia Graf
plays Nella

Yasemin Delikan
plays the teacher

Heath Braden
plays the casting dir.

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