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We are a German film-production company based in Munich, Bavaria. Our work focuses on the production and development of film and serial drama. Set within the distinctive landscape and the spirit of the Bavarian Alps, we support international projects as a premium full service production company, offering everything you need for your unique vision.



Max and Anna go on a sailing trip to Croatia. But what seems like wonderful vacation at first, soon turns out to be a struggle between love and death, that forces Max into a terrible sacrifice.



During a storm of the century at Spitzingsee in 1869, a lumberjack's daughter promises her dying father to continue the family business and protect it from outside attacks.



They have all escaped the big city for this one birthday party in the hut in the Nettle Valley.

Karma is a Hitch


hitch [engl.] – Knot that can be untied by pulling against the tension that holds it.



A conflict-shy teenager enters other people's homes to distract herself from her parents' quarrel and thus becomes an unnoticed witness to domestic violence.



And he's doing it again... after the original Schlierseer Robert Eixenberger traveled all the way to Australia on his own by bike a few years ago, he's now venturing from Schliersee to the Black Sea by water and his beloved kayak.

Karma is a Hitch – Filmstill 024.jpg

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