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Karma Is A Hitch
Im Nesseltal


Max and Anna go on a sailing trip to Croatia. But what seems like wonderful vacation at first, soon turns out to be a struggle between love and death, that forces Max into a terrible sacrifice. 



Anna and Max are going on a beautiful sailing trip to Croatia. After they’ve arrived, they prepare their 39 feet long sailing yard in a small marina. Leaving their harbor at perfect sailing conditions, Anna turns off the motor and the sails catch the wind - a peaceful moment. But something is in the air, you can’t name it. Every now and then it’s recognizable that something unspoken moves them. Nobody wants to speak out this forbidden topic. They try to go over their pain with stories of happy sailing trips from the past - but that doesn’t work out. 

Max can’t hold his feelings back when they anchor the boat in a beautiful bay. The sun goes down and he has prepared a delicious dinner. Flashbacks show the happy couple and how their life turns into madness as Anna get’s a shocking diagnosis - she has an incurable illness, a brain tumor. After dinner Anna tries to seduce Max. First he is letting go of everything but then he is unable to hide his depressive feelings about Annas last hours on this earth. They will never be so close again but in this moment. 

It’s so hard for Max to fulfill Anna’s last wish. All she wants is to lay down on the sea and fall asleep. Max should help her as promised. And before the sun rises, Max drives off shore. Anna couldn’t sleep no second last night. She prepares for her last moments in life. She dresses with her favorite dress and takes a toxic pill. Max is turning off the enchine, the sailing boat stops. Anna jumps of the ship, swims a few meters out to the sea and spreads her arms wide. Her body starts to fight the toxic pills. Max can’t stand this scene and jumps into the water to assist Anna. She’s takes her last breath and then her body is sinking into the deep blue. 

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Dalmatia Film Festival - 2021.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Universal Film Festival - 2021.png
HONORABLE MENTION - Independent Shorts A
PLATINUM AWARD - Independent Shorts Awar
BEST DRAMA SHORT - Independent Shorts Aw
BEST DIRECTOR - Independent Shorts Award
AWARD OF EXCELLENCE - Independent Shorts
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International Competition - Festival International du Film de Nancy -