Ben Blaskovic

Producer, CEO


Benedikt "Ben" Blaskovic is an award winning German actor, musician, film and music producer and head of Victus Films. Victus Films was founded in 2014, when the award winning film "Im Nesseltal" was produced.


In January 2016 Ben changed the the one-man business to a Limited, creates concepts for series and movies with his awesome team as well as music videos and ads.


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Max Sachße 

Creative Producer


Max has studied theatre directing at Athanor Akademie in Passaus and works as a creative producer. During his work in gastronomy or as Cinema Presenter and Techno-DJ, he finished his studies with the play "Der Balkon" by Jean Genet.


Beside his college time Max created and directed several interdisciplinary theatre plays and performances in clubs and theaters.


Max has also worked as advertising filmer. Since 2015 he is shooting, cutting and writing films and film concepts. His films were awarded at the Film School Fest Munich and by the Bavarian Youth Film Festival.


At Victus Films amongst other things Max is developing „Make News GmbH“ in collaboration with Hannes Blamayer, „Lenka“ based on the novel „Paradiessucher“ by Rena Dumont and he's also working on concepts for different advertising-partners.


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Maximilian Gauthier Zeitter



Maximilian was born in Munich on November 17th, 1993. He spent some years in Ecuador and Columbia, worked there in ngo-projects and gastronomy. At the moment Max is studying film besides his work as a Producer at Victus.


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Photos by Gisela Gürtler, Berlin 2018